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Whats wrong with Dissent? September 2, 2006

Posted by Scott V in Free Speech.

As I flip through my Saturday morning newspaper or when I change the channel on my television set, I can’t seem to get away from them. Is it just me, or are liberals hijacking every aspect of our culture? They have infiltrated Hollywood, have infiltrated the media, and now they are telling me how I am to think. I’ve had enough! I’m cancelling my globe and mail subscription and I’ve reduced my cable subcription to Fox News. I’m tired of the spin, and the voice of just a few.

What is so wrong with disagreeing with gay marriage? What is wrong with being pro-life? What is so wrong with cherishing my traditional family? What is wrong with attending my true Christian church that helps me lead an accountable life? Christians have been demonized and vilified for far too long and I am taking a stand for my Christian world view.

As a young Christian man, it is my duty to become a light on the hill and become like salt to help preserve and flavour the culture of our time. Our world needs a little more dissent and it is my goal to do just that.



1. derek vandooren - December 2, 2006

Hi Scott,

I’ve been reading through your blog for the first time here and I am very intrigued. The title of this one really struck me. I agree with your point that it is good for Christians to both stand out positively in the world and in doing so defend our own very legitimate standards for a society to hold. The one thing I worry about when it comes to retaliation against those who codemn our ideas is that fighting fire with fire only makes us more like our opponants. I really loved the video news debate where the young girl tried to defend her left wing group calling the Christian group facists. It was easy for the host to pull her unfactual arguments apart. In watching this I thought, maybe that’s the key. The girl was full of ideas and fury and that’s what ruined her. She was defending the angry, reactive side which was attacking a peaceful group. It was brilliant work by the Christian leader. Normally the role of innocent victim is played out by gay activists, abortion clinics, marilyn manson etc… you get the idea. And the Christians who protest their ideas and ideals become the big bad wolf. I hope you see where I’m going with this. Fighting with politics and amassing our numbers for voter turnout will produce results. But the only way to maintain Christian morals is to teach and spread it. The “good old days” of christian majority in North America are not only gone, they refer to an ideal that never existed quite as we would like to think it did. What I honestly think people are refering to is a time when it was EASY to be a Christian. We could do our own thing and both be not bothered, nor be involved with anyone else. I think it’s the lack of involvement with anyone else that now causes our downfall. I’ll stop for now. let me know if anyone would care for me to elaborate

2. Scott Van Dam - December 2, 2006

Hey Derek,

Good to hear from you! How is BC? Surviving the snow out there? Sorry that I missed you last time you were in town, my job is killing me at times. I spent a good chunk of 2006 in airports and hotel rooms, so when I get a moment with my family I cherish it.

Thanks for looking and participate on my blog. I hope I am doing a “service” to others by posting some of the facts. To showcase what is occuringin the culture wars of our time. It is a fascinating realm, and one that I am increasingly being concerned with. I have met many fascinating people on the front lines that have been persecuted in Canada. That is what has convicted me to get involved.

In my opinion with the news clips I shared, the only reason why Christians are getting a fair shake is because they are coming from two very conservative political pundits. Bill O’Reilly is a self proclaimed Catholic Traditionalist and Glenn Beck is a “Christian Conservative in a Republican sort of way.. if that makes any sense??”. In Canada the media marginalizes and paints Christians as bigots. They can be very hostile which is clearly evident when you flip through the Globe and Mail or Toronto Star.

The reason why society has gone so mad, and hostile towards Christians is because Christians have let it happen. Never before in our history have we had to defend our religion, this is because our Country was founded on Judeo Christian foundations. Because that was the way it was, we were never taught or forced to defend or stand firm for who we are. Christians have become complacent, and we are paying that price. Too often we send our children to Christian Schools

1. Christian Vilification occurs daily (Elton John, Rosie O’Donnel, Bill Maher, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, New York Times, CBC).
2. Christian persecution is increasing. (Scott Brockie, Chris Kempling, Rev Boisson, Hugh Owens).
3. Secular Indoctrination is crushing our childrens (Pro-Homosexual propoganda teaching in BC Public Schools, Trinity Western University and its legal challenges, liberal teachers unions, darwinism is truth, Christian worldview is laughed at and marginalized)

How do we stop it?

Christians need to stop apologizing for being a Christian
We need to teach apologetics in our Christian Schools and Theological Colleges
Christians from multiple denominations need to come together, putting aside theology and holding firm for what we have in common to defend and fight for our religous freedomes
Encourage our Christian youth need to study to be Journalists, lawyers, and politicians

Further more I agree 100% that Christians lack involvement. During the last election campaign, I went door to door with our Conservative MP. Because of that I developed a relationship with him. When issues like Same Sex Marriage come up, I can pickup the phone, call him and he will talk and listen to me because he values what I have to say.

I”ll leave you with this though. If you think that maybe in Canada 1% of the population is homosexual and of that 1/2 of them are activists. Look what this small minority has done? Look at what influence they have had in our culture? We can learn a lot from what they have done.

If 20% of our country is a Christian, can you imagine what we could do if we organized, were mobilized? I believe we can take our Country back! I thank God every day for Stephen Harper and his leadership. He is sending all the right signals to Social Conservatives.

God Bless Canada!

Thanks for stopping by, next time I’m in Vancouver, I hope to have some time to hook up.


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