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Whats at stake in the coming American Election? October 20, 2006

Posted by Scott V in Culture War, USA Politics.

The New York Times in its editorials are saying that the Values Voters will not be coming out in full force like they did in the 2004 election. They cite that not enough has been done about advancing new abortion restrictions or a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The marginalization of the christian voice in this continent continues. It is the democrats hope and strategy that the value voters will not be coming out in 2006, and the prominent left wing media in the country is again on side.

The November vote is so important to the fight that many of us Christians have been fighting for some time. If Same Sex Marriage is amended in the constitution it will will crumble the solid foundation that made America great. America like Canada was built on the strength of the tradtional family. Yur children will be harmed through the indoctrination in the public schools of the acceptance of the homosexuality, bisexuality and the transgendered lifestyle. Those that dissent will be thrown in front of the courts, and forced to defend themselves for beliefs that Americans have had for hundreds of years. (its happening in Canada)

The media continues to hate anything that has traditionalism in it. Some call this Christophobia. The liberal media feels that anything with values, family and morals as bigoted and hateful. These militant attacks will continue, but we cannot let the loud voices of a minority trump your rights to conscience and expressions.

It was in part value voters that won the Canadian election in January 2006 and we are seeing many signals that Stephen Harper cares about this segment.
1. The court challenges program was cancelled (a left leaning, anti-traditional tax payers fund that supports social reform)
2. David Brown appointed to the Ontario Superior Court (Christian Lawyer)
3. Implemented pro family policies (Child Tax Credit Benefit)

The year 2006 has finally been a year that the values vote has been winning and the results are proven. Americans, vote with your conscience and realize whats at stake. Your neighbours north will be watching and praying.



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