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Glenn Beck – Is Christianity Offensive? November 30, 2006

Posted by Scott V in Christian Vilification.

Glenn Beck has it right on here. Political correctness is going to crush our children.



1. derek vandooren - December 2, 2006

The cliche what would Jesus do? comes to mind

This guy makes a brilliant point with the video clip he shows. He destroys his own point with two flaws

1. He repeatedly shows he is angry, taking credibility away from the thoughtfulness of his words.

2. He doesn’t identify the group he shows in the wrong. I may come off ignorant here, but I have no idea who the man on this clip was. So now I know there’s some guy out there with followers who wears a turban and talks a lot like Hitler. But I don’t know who he is or how to stop him.

WWJD? Jesus was confronted in the Bible over and over again. He had critics for his entire ministry. He never once parried their accusations or made his point by being louder. He was simply wiser, and he was right.
A child throwing a tantrum certainly makes himself heard. But is won’t get him what he wants for very long. His audience can only take so much before it’s time to shut up.

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