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Sex obsessed Adults trumps the rights of Children December 8, 2006

Posted by Scott V in Culture War, Same Sex Marriage.

by Scott Van Dam
December 7, 2006

Our culture has gone mad! We are a culture obsessed with sex, no matter where you turn you see sex. Sex is in the movies, the television, the internet. When you walk in the malls, you see it in the stores, its photos are in the magazines, and sex even tells you to buy certain products.

I am tired of hearing about Sex in the public square. Lets keep it in the bedroom and keep it private! Here’s where I am going with this. Our sex obsessed culture is ripping the foundations of our nation apart, namely families. Our greatest leaders, thinkers, inventors and businessmen all came from families that were strong. If we contrast this with the male prison population,the majority of prisoners come from broken homes. Clearly this is evidence that strong familes are important. So how do you break a home? It comes from sex obsessed adults, let me explain.

Sex is a gift given to us by our Almighty Creator to build families. Sadly sex is also tearing our families apart. Consider the damage sex is having on the Family (the backbone of our society). Internet pornography is rampant, happy marriages are falling apart due to lack of “satisfaction”, sex obsessed ads make our wives and mothers feel they are not beautiful and “sexy” enough. and homosexuals can get married and bring children into their relationships.

Some how sex has been branded a right that can be flaunted in public with no implications. Sadly childrens rights are always trumped by adult rights.

1. The right for homosexuals to marry trumps the right of a child to have a Mom and a Dad
2. The right for a woman to choose trumps the life of a child
3. The right of a Mom and a Dad to just give up on their marriage for any reason, because they are not in love any more trumps the right for a child to have a home filled with happiness.

The decision by Parliament in early december to not reopen the debate on Same Sex marriage sickens me and I am sickened and outraged that Children and the Family are yet again another victim of the rights of a bunch of very selfish sex obsessed adults.



1. Rich - April 8, 2009

Ok lets do this in numbered form like you did.

1. A right to a mom and dad is a straw man because hetero parents are not losing their kids so gay parents can have them instead. It’s not a choice between a Mom and Dad or 2 Dads/Moms. It’s a choice between having any Parent versus no Parent at all.

2. The life of the embryo is tied intimately to the life of the mother. The woman has to bear the consequences of any actions she takes (and women do take this decision seriously) So like it or not, the woman gets to decide if she is going to carry to term.
Invent the artificial womb or a way for men to have babies and we then we can talk about what rights a woman has.

3. Maybe you missed it but if a couple is seriously considering divorce, then it’s not a home filled with happiness. And when Divorce required fault, it made such proceedings even worse on the child who had to see their parents demonizing the other.

In short, maybe in your zeal to advance an ideology of what you want the world to be like, you are advocating causing the very harm to kids you say you abhor. Maybe Christianity is about what you’re for and not who you’re against.

Just saying.

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