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John Ibbotson Villifies Christian at an Energy Conference? June 6, 2007

Posted by Scott V in Christian Vilification, Culture War.

I had recently attended an Energy conference supported by the Ontario Electricity Distributors Association in Niagara on the Lake yesterday। I attended the event with my business partner to network, and meet and greet the leaders of the Electricity Market. I learned that John Ibbitson was going to speak on Creating Stability in Regulated Industry। John Ibbotson is a popular columnist for the Globe and Mail and I must admit that I am not a big fan of John Ibbitson for his politics and the simple reason that he continues to target Christians involved in politics as bigots, racists and homophobes any chance he gets. So I thought to myself, how can he possibly target Christians at this event after all Christians believe that we are to be stewards of the earth we live in.

I was pleasantly surprised by his thoughts. He presented many good ideas about how the US and Canada will work together through the Security, Prosperity and Partnership agreement and how regulatory requirements will more than likey harmonize in wake of this agreement. He discussed emissions trading in North America and brought to our attention how companies are investing in climate change both out of fear and greed. But somehow he ended off his speech vilifying Christians and that he is happy that there will be a shift in Christian Fundamentalism in the US. Christians care less about Gay Marriage and abortion and more about poverty and Global Warming. He had also stated that the passing of Jerry Falwell is probably a good thing and America can move along and stop being bigotted, homophobic and in tune with the real issues of the day.

No matter what the topics, liberals always find a way to vilify or marginalize Christians and the religous right. I know for certain that we have a soverign Lord that has dominion over all the heavens and the earth. So this message is for John Ibbitson, Christian beliefs are not a passing trend. Christian truth has weathered all cultural storms including the most vicious attacks from Nero in Rome, to Hitler & Stalin in Europe to todays hatred of the Christian truth by the elite liberal media, and governments. I know for certain that the Culture wars are just getting started.



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