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Abolishing Abortion and a Spiritual Revival in Canada? June 13, 2007

Posted by Scott V in Culture War.

Here is an email I recieved from a fellow activist Suzanne F. I encourage all my readers to signup and make your voices heard. The CBC has launched a promotion called “The Great Canadian Wish List” on Facebook, the social networking site. The goal is to get people to suggest and vote on wishes, and the wish with the most votes gets coverage on the CBC on Canada Day.

My only question is, how will the CBC truly report the votes? How will the CBC frame this? It is clear that people want change in this country. I will find it particularly interesting due to the fact that CBC reports and comments on the news from very left wing bios slant. With that said, place your vote and lets see what happens!

Now.. read what Suzanne has to say…

Dear Friend,

As you may have heard, the CBC is holding a contest called The Great Canadian Wish List on Facebook, the social networking site. The goal is to get people to suggest and vote on wishes, and the wish with the most votes gets coverage on the CBC on Canada Day.

So far, this contest has brought some attention to the pro-life cause, so it has been very worthwhile. Besides bringing attention to the several thousand participants, our wish was mentioned in The Globe and Mail (twice), Macleans and was the subject of a segment on the CBC local news in Ontario , Manitoba and The Maritimes.

The pro-lifers are winning by a margin of 2 to 1 right now, and there is much gnashing of teeth by the poor-choicers over this.


Right now, the wish “I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice” is #3 with 1300 votes. The #2 wish is “For a spiritual revival in our nation” has 1339 votes. The poor-choicers came within 10 votes of getting the number 2 spot.

We do not want the poor-choicers to capture the second spot.

The #4 wish is “Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage“.

We want to bump up the two social conservative ones.

SO…. to that end, I would like for you to vote for the two good ones. You may vote on more than one wish in this contest.
If you have not registered on Facebook, you can do so here;


First you must join The Great Canadian Wish List group. Click on the URL and then click “join group”:


Then you must for a Spiritual Revival– here’s the main thing to remember *** DO *NOT* CREATE A NEW WISH ***– Make sure you come back to this email and click on this URL:


THEN you MUST click on “Add Support”.

After that, you must click on “Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage”– same process, click on URL, click on “Add Support”:


If you have not already voted for “Abolish Abortion”, you may do so here:


We are nearing 3000 votes for that wish, but we have to keep a strong lead in case the poor-choicers rally.

Please forward this message to as many of your social conservative contacts as possible. We want to have a strong finish. So far the CBC has been honourable in showing the “Abolish Abortion” wish. If their segment was predictive of things to come, we can expect more coverage on Canada Day.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can click on the privacy settings on the top right and then edit all the settings. You can also deactivate your account after Canada Day (although it has been very useful for me as a social conservative activist…look at the results of this contest!)

Thank you for your co-operation and God Bless.





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