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Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks to Avi Lewis on the CBC July 14, 2007

Posted by Scott V in Islam.

The CBC tries to marginalize this true hero! According to Avi Lewis America is the great evil… yikes, I can’t believe my tax dollars pay for this stuff. I do admire Ayaan Hirsi Ali for her stance for democracy. This coming from a background where she has been subjected to tyranical islamic law. Watch this segment.

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Original story was found by Hotair.com – read http://hotair.com/archives/2007/07/13/video-cartoonishly-anti-american-canadian-interviews-ayaan-hirsi-ali/



1. Anonymous - July 18, 2007

E-mail your MP and ask why we are paying a simpleton like that with our tax dollars.
Does this utter idiot represent Canada?
If not, why is he on our publicly funded newscaster?

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