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Criticizing Islam is now Hate Speech! July 21, 2007

Posted by Scott V in Free Speech, Islam, Political Correctness.
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Freedom of Speech appears to no longer apply to Christians in Canada. Criticizing Islam will land you in front of a Human Rights tribunal, and subject to fines or jail time. Freedominion.ca which is an open discussion forum that discusses conservativism recieved a letter from the Ontario human rights commission on July 16, 2007 because Bill Whatcott a frequent poster to the site critized Muslims for not doing enough to curb extremism. See the post for yourself. He begins with some disturbing images, discusses how Mulims are not doing enough to curb extremism, and puts forward fact that explains how they are not a religion of peace and then ends off his post with saying that the truth is only found in Jesus Christ. See the original post link and you will see for yourself. (warning the images are graphic )

Political correctness is a disease and it is slowly destroying our nation. These Human rights commissions have to be challenged. We can no longer stand back and watch, if we don’t get involved our freedoms will continue to diminish. As a Christian ask yourself; how will Christians be able to fulfill their mandate of spreading the gospel if we are constantly silenced? How are we to be effective in our culture if we cannot even criticize some of the greatest evils of our time?

I am concerned for our nation. For updates on the situation please log onto the posting at freedominion.ca



1. Cathryne Richardson - July 21, 2007

Exactly, these days it perfectly fine to bash Christians of any stripe, but say anything negative about Islam and it’s ‘hate speech’.

Give me a break, if FD goes down then so should rabble and the rest of them for their hate speech against Christians, conservatives and yeah – ‘those nasty Jews’.

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