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Conference to focus on creating alternative media in Canada October 23, 2007

Posted by Scott V in Media Bias.

More than 200 people are expected to gather in Burlington, Ontario, Canada where WND CEO Joseph Farah will be the headline speaker for a conference on creating an alternative media culture in Canada.

The event this coming weekend is sponsored by “Equipping Christians for the Public Square,” a Canadian-based center that advocates for the free expression of Christianity in the public square. The center’s president, Tristan Emmanuel, is a regular columnist on WorldNetDaily.

Emmanuel says it’s time Canadians had access to a home-grown alternative to the mainstream media in their country.

“I’ve been working in the area of Christian advocacy for several years now, and it is clear that our message will not reach ordinary Canadians via the conventional media stream,” he says.

As an example, Emmanuel cites the lack of coverage of major social events and causes in Canada.

“Regulars on Parliament Hill – longtime members of Parliament and others – have told us that our marriage rally was the largest event they ever saw there,” says Emmanuel. “But the Canadian media, to the degree that it covered the event at all, marginalized it, and estimated the crowd size at no more than a few thousand. But if a few dozen anti-sealing or pro-gay demonstrators show up on the Hill, it’s lead news on the CBC and front page in the Globe and Mail. We’re sick of it.”

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