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Standing Strong in a Dark World November 14, 2007

Posted by Scott V in Culture War.

Chuck Colsons words are crucial for our Culture. I like when he points
out that John Calvin said that when the Church is really the Church
is when it is preaching the gospel, administrating the sacraments and
implementing discipline, only then is when the church is influential and
doing its work. How true it is when he says the Church shouldn’t be
into Therapy, the church should not be involved in “self” but rather
the culture. Don’t go to church to make you feel good! Go to church
because you want to worship God.

It puzzles me that sociologists are not understanding that only the Gospel will fix the culture and a turn to morality. I ask this question, is it truly poverty that has grown the prison population from just over 200,000 in the 70’s to over 2 million when the American economy has never been more healthy and rich? I believe it is the decline in morality and the acceleration of selfish America.

Have a listen to Chuck Colson’s speech on Focus on the Family.


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1. Micah Tillman - November 14, 2007

Good point about the need for wholesome lifestyles, not just the physical necessities of life.

With regard to the prison population: As population in general grows, you would expect the prison population to grow as well. Do you know what the change in percentage-of-overall-population-being-incarcerated has been over the period you reference?

2. Scott V - November 14, 2007

Hey Michah,
Thanks for participating in this discussion, it is an important one! I came across an article on USAtoday.com in 1967 the population of America was 200 Million and we are just over 300 Million today. Therefore the prison population in the late 60’s early 70’s was approximately .1% of the population and has grown to .57% of the population today.

USA Population:

Prison Statistics (1970 – 199)

Forecasting of Prison Statistics

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