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Millers sponsors the Folsom Street Fair & Children Participate? October 5, 2007

Posted by Scott V in Folsom Street Fair.
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If you want a sneak peak of what the world would look like if the ultra left truly took over, have a glimpse at what Michelle Malkin and her team picked up at the Folsom Street Fair. Toddlers attending a leather event which promotes Sado Masochism? This is appalling!!

If this isn’t troubling enough Miller the beer has sponsored the fair, and posted an add that depicts the last supper painting with a bunch of leather clad gays and lesbians eating food at the table.

For more on this follow the links below and boycott Miller beer. I for one will not drink another sip!

Toddlers at the Folsom Street Fair


A boycott of Miller beer begins


The boycott of Miller beer is working


Please submit your concern to the following address: